The True Value of Fans


Over 800 million hits on Google, in the daily vocabulary of many companies and a popular phrase in reporting and advertising – everyone wants to turn their customers into fans!

And we, the developers of FANOMICS know how it REALLY works, because FANOMICS is based on the Fan Principle we have created.

But what really makes a fan customer? How high is the value of true fans? Why is it so profitable, to strengthen the fan rate?

We have the answer to these questions! With Fan-Ident, you can easily and individually calculate how much your company can profit from a higher fan rate. Try it out!

Why Are Fans so Valuable?

Fans are much more than merely ” satisfied” customers. Even satisfied customers will switch to the competition if they deem the offer suitable – they are not emotionally tied to you. That would never occur to a fan! To fan customers, you are the only provider, who perfectly fits their needs – again and again…

Fans reward this perfect fit in a variety of ways:

  • they buy more
  • they buy more often
  • they are less price sensitive
  • they rate your conditions better
  • they have the highest margin
  • they are faithful even in bad times
  • they are willing to forgive mistakes and
  • they are the best ambassadors.
Jonas Lang


Jonas Lang

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Sales