Who Turns Your Customers into Fans?

Your Fan Makers

Are your managers and employees fans of your company?

Inspiring customers and turning them into fans: Something only managers and employees who are themselves fans of their employers can achieve. Fan employees are extremely loyal and motivated, they have a culture of high performance and they act as the ideal fan-makers: They create the feeling of “perceived uniqueness.”

Yet many companies have a problem: Just 1 in 5 employees is a fan of their employer (according to a FANOMICS study). How high do you think the employee fan rate is in your company?

Increase Your Fan Rate!

Employees as Fan Makers

We help you:

  • Determine the quality of employee relations (satisfaction, emotional loyalty, retention, etc)

  • Create a common point of identification for current and potential employees (employer brand, mission statement, etc.)

  • Establish an orchestrated approach of all managers towards employees

  • Achieve an orchestrated approach of all employees towards the customer

We Support You

Our Tools

  • Employee surveys or workshops to determine relationship quality, key needs, and experiences

  • Developing a mission statement based on your positioning (employer brand, management guidelines, etc.) and defining the desired corporate culture

  • Value-based leadership: Potential analyses & fan maker workshops for managers

  • “Company Lifeblood Factor” Activate employees in the direction of the customer (fan maker training, personnel development, …)

Our Studies

Employee Focus Germany

How many employees are true fans of their company? In which industries do you find enthusiastic and happy employees? Banks, IT, automotive, engineering, public service, …?

The key study, “Employee Focus Germany,” regularly surveys more than 2,000 employees on the topics of employee satisfaction, loyalty, commitment, motivation – all part of emotional employee loyalty. A special survey also looked at the impact of the Covid pandemic.



Frederik Meyer

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Emotional Employee Engagement

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How FANOMICS makes you successful!


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Knowledge Abstract

How FANOMICS makes you successful!


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