Is Your Brand Unique?


For company and brand to inhabit a dominant position in the minds of customers, the brand must be clearly positioned. This “Perceived Uniqueness” is essential to turn customers into fans. These three core elements are a must:

  • a focus on core customer needs

  • a focus on the company’s own strengths and competencies

  • a differentiation from the competition.

How does positioning work?

In short: Why Aldi has so many fans…

For many years, Aldi has consistently focused on meeting key customer needs. For many people in Germany, buying groceries is a “necessary evil. That’s why many want to get “in & out” as quickly as possible. And spend little money.
With its “fast & inexpensive” positioning (and the corresponding orchestration at all touchpoints), Aldi is turning its customers into fans in droves.

See the detailed explanation by book author Roman Becker book author Roman Becker here in the video.


  • Increase your fan rate:
  • Development & resharpening of sustainable positioning
  • Strategic alignment to fit core customer needs

  • Research core customer needs to understand true motives

  • Fulfillment of core customer needs along the entire customer journey

  • Identifying the opportunities for differentiation

  • Establishing a authentic and consistent identity


Supporting Your Success

Your Tools

  • Customer survey to determine current customer relationship quality, core customer needs, and customer journey

  • Top management interviews and strategy workshop

  • Qualitative interviews and focus group discussions

  • Employee surveys or identity workshops

  • Communication analyses of your competition

  • Development and evaluation of positioning options

Dr. Julia Hamprecht


Dr. Julia Hamprecht

Head of Positioning/Brand Strategy

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