“For Us, the Focus Is on the Customer Completely”

For home shopping channels like HSE, personal contact with the customer is of the utmost importance. In presentation, but also in contact and service, they must succeed in providing the customers with a special shopping experience. It is precisely this personal touch that enables HSE to set itself apart from the competition of the Internet. This consistent work on first-class contact is also reflected in the results: For years, HSE has shone with top results in Germany’s Customer Champions. In 2022, the home shopping channel was even able to distinguish itself as the overall winner of the competition with a fantastic Fan rate of 57 percent!

Home Shopping Europe GmbH is a home shopping company based in Munich, Germany, that has been presenting and selling its products on television for the most part since 1995. With around 1,200 employees, HSE produces and broadcasts 24 hours a day in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

For us at HSE, the focus is on the customer completely”, says Uwe Richter, Director Customer Service Home Shopping Europe GmbH and is delighted to receive the award as Germany’s Customer Champions 2021.